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I love everything about books; 

the smell, the feel, the sound when I turn a page, and of course, the feeling of being captured, taken away to places unknown, and wanting to live there forever. 


In 2011, I was given my first Kindle. My family would joke that I couldn't put my Kindle down. Which, if I'm being honest, was true back then. Well . . . wait . . . they still joke about me not being able to put it down. My only issue back then was finding new novels and authors. Thank heavens for eBooks!

In many ways, Literary Works began the moment I blazed through my first 50 books. When I would come across inconsistencies, improper word choices, or spelling errors, they made me stumble. It distracted me from the stories I dearly loved.
My business name is - MF - for my name, and Literary Works - because I want to work with authors. 


Naturally, I became interested in helping authors by becoming a beta reader, which turned into proofreading and copy editing. 

Finally, with a love of finding wonderful quotes, and images to evoke a feeling, I ventured out into the field of developing promotional graphics and videos. Plus, creating other designs and assistance, which provides avenues to help authors launch and promote their books.  

MF Literary Works Marylin Furumasu

My interests besides reading include coffee, consuming chocolate, anything to do with my grand-babies and connecting with the world of literature online.

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