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A New Book by Susan May Warren

Susan May Warren has a new book series out, and today, the second book was released. Here is my review of One Last Chance: This series needs a higher star rating than just 5!!!

I love going back to Alaska in Susan May Warren's books. She brings such adventure and action, and her books are always full of suspense, drama, and amazing sights.

In this story, we are taken on a ride that will keep you holding your breath and praying for the characters even when you know they are not real!

I’m not one for water rescues because I don’t like to hold my breath, and this one triggered all those fears!

Wow, how many lives can one character have? Axel seemed to be able to rise above like a “Phoenix.”

I enjoyed the tension between Axel and Flynn. They dealt with some pretty tough stuff in their lives and thinking. These two were like magnets to each other.

In this book, you will experience real death-dropping action and scenes. The author keeps us on the seat of our chairs, gripping the armrest, trying to breathe.

I’m so glad I’m not one of her characters because of all the things she puts them through. WOW! The action is non-stop and jaw-dropping. The way Susan May Warren describes the mountains in Alaska and the action will leave you feeling you’re right there with each step.

This is why I love all of Susan May Warren’s books and will run to purchase them and read them whenever they come out! All of her books have wonderful life lessons of the love of God, woven in such a way that it is real and not fake or pushed.

True to all of Susie's books, this one is so amazing, and the imagery is out of this world!

It kept me reading late into the night!

You should genuinely pick it up!


Here are both book collages that I made. Book 1 - One Last Shot Book 2 - One Last Chance

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Jun 05

I haven't read any of these for awhile. Looks like I better get back in the Susie-groove! :)

Marylin Furumasu
Marylin Furumasu
Jun 05
Replying to

This series is full of action and suspense! This is only the second book in the series, so you aren't too far behind!! All her books are SOOOOOOOO amazing!

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