• Marylin Furumasu

A New Book By Susan May Warren That Will Leave You Struggling To Breathe! WOW!

When I read a book, I like to highlight or underline quotes that are powerful and gripping. Well, in this new book by Susan May Warren it’s as if the WHOLE book is underlined. In the first paragraph, there is a quote that shows the mood of our hero Orion.

“But he belonged in all that cold and darkness, under the shadow of unforgiving Denali, buried under a numbing layer of ice and snow.”

Orion is a man trapped with dark feelings of anger for a past he had no control of. Jenny has a secret that is eating her alive and so she climbs to the highest mountains to try to feel free of the darkness she has. Orion and Jenny both are brave, yet neither one feels brave. Their pasts haunt them, and they don’t know how to get beyond the pain they believe they caused others. This story takes place on a beautiful mountain in Alaska. Denali is the highest mountain in North America. It is a stunning mountain and there are many who fly over or hike it. Any time of the year, people flock to it to see its beauty and majesty. It can also be one of the most dangerous. In this book, you will experience real death dropping action and scenes. The author keeps us on the seat of our chairs gripping the armrest trying to breathe. I’m so glad I’m not one of her characters because of all the things she puts them through. WOW! The action is non-stop and jaw-dropping. The way Susan May Warren describes the mountain and the action will leave you feeling you’re right there with each step. I'm at a loss to have words eloquent enough to convey the depth of emotions and feelings I get each time I pick up one of Susan May Warrens' books. In each of her books, I find wonderful life lessons of the love of God, woven in such a way that it is real and not fake or pushed. Whatever Ms. Warren writes I'll read because I know I'll be captivated and blessed in a way that is life-changing. I was given this book by the publisher which did not influence my review in any way, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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