• Marylin Furumasu

A Story That Will Touch Your Soul!

I don’t often read stories based in the early 1800s, I usually need to be in the right mood or the subject must be SO COMPELLING I can’t put it down. Well, this story falls into the last category. I’ve not recently read nor even heard of a story where one of the main characters is a person who is deaf. This is what drew me into buying the book. Since I was in high school, I wanted to work with people who are deaf, to help them navigate through life. I had seen the movie and read the story of Helen Keller. Unfortunately, best-laid plans often didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Yet, while in college, I needed a foreign language and Sign Language was offered so I took it and it held me captivated. In this book, Joanne Bischof starts off sharing information regarding American Sign Language. I truly appreciated this, because it helped to understand, how and why she wrote the way she did, so we could better grasp the character of Thor. The way this author wrote, I felt the struggles he went through and experienced with the isolation he found himself in. This story was so well written and deeply moving. Not only did Thor struggle with deafness but he also struggled with alcoholism. There were also other issues the characters dealt with, that this author tackled. The subjects of loneliness, unworthiness, deep grief, racial differences, and unrequited love. This book has moments where you might want to scream at the characters and then cry because they are going through such tough stuff. It’s a book you won’t want to put down until you finish. It is a gripping story which will leave you hopeful of redemption, mercy, grace, and love.

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