• Marylin Furumasu

Another Great Book by Lisa T. Bergren

“So, if we are to put our lives in our faithful Father’s hands, we relinquish fretting and fear. We trust what comes, as his will, knowing that he remains with us through it all . . . And in time, in time, even if ‘tis not until the day we leave this earth and enter eternity, ‘twill all be made right. We can rest in what is today.” What a beautiful way of looking at trials and struggles which might come our way. This is just one of the wonderful quotes I got from this book. I was touched deeply by many of the lessons Jedediah shared with the workers on the plantation. This story covers Selah’s life and passion for work and sometimes rescue those who were slaves on the island. It was as if she wanted to save every one of them and often at the cost of her own health. There is also the sweet story blooming between Selah and Jedediah, even though they both fought it. Then, it seemed Jedediah’s faith had died, when he came across an event which made him doubt his own worth. My heart wanted to scream at him and shake him. Lisa T. Bergren did a fantastic job of conveying the struggles he was having with self-doubts. Many other scenes had me on pins and needles. I could feel the heat of the day, the fear, and tension Selah and Verity were facing. So real! I loved being able to hear more about the characters from the first two books. Keturah and Gray’s growing family and about Verity and Ian’s adventurous life. It was also fun to see Selah grow up to be a sweet woman with a courageous soul! OH MY GOODNESS! Lisa T. Bergren’s books have so much vibrant colors and grandeur to them! She truly knows how to paint pictures, so we have no problem seeing what’s happening in our minds! This story has lots of drama, a bit of suspense and wonderfully sweet romance. It is also a wonderful ending to a fantastic series of three strong women and their desire to live their lives as God would have them. Through the many trials and struggles of what life was like on the West Indies. For three women, one as a sugar plantation owner, one the first woman to own her own mercantile, as well as being a wife of a privateer, and one woman striving to rid the island of slavery. This book and series will enrich your life with the many life lessons it has and will have you thinking about what it was like in those early days of our country and maybe even leave you with a desire to know more about the island life. I highly recommend you pick this book and series up to read. It will keep you reading until the very end.

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