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Another Gripping Book by Ronie Kendig!

When we hear of situations in other parts of the world, often we just shake our heads and think, “How sad.” It takes a strong determined individual to actually step out and do something about it.

The story is about two people wanting to make a difference, and the struggles they face as they battle the evils in our world. Willow and Chiji show determination and love, for those who are suffering from the evil others place on them. They fight for the innocent ones and put their lives on the line to save them. This story not only shows the pains and guilt a victim can have, but it portrays the strong feelings of those who are trying to stop it.

The characters in this book are so real, I found myself laughing with them, getting mad and sometimes VERY angry at them, loving them, and also crying over them.

This book was so intense and full of deep emotions. It’s not a fluff story because it deals with issues that are heart-wrenching and very prominent in society today. It’s something many want to just sweep under the rug and not think about, but it needs to be brought to light and stopped.

Ronie Kendig did a beautifully tender job of portraying the issues surrounding trafficking. You could tell her heart bleeds for those who are caught up in this horrible crime.

I’ve read many books by Ronie Kendig and knew it would be powerful and impressive. I wasn’t wrong! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. It’s been fun to get back with the Metcalfe family.

I’ve said this with the first book in this series, and I’ll say it again!

This book gripped me and opened my eyes to issues around the world. Now I don’t want to put my head in the sand but take a stand and pray for all those who are captured in this evil crime. I highly recommend you pick up this book because it will change your life and how you view things!

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