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Another Gripping Tale By Ronie Kendig!

Last night I finished reading another book by Ronie Kendig. It's the third book in the Metcalfe series.


Here is my review:

I appreciated that there was a disclaimer at the beginning of this book because it really is a book that will touch your heart with so many emotions!

This book is so intense and full of deep emotions. It’s not a fluff story because it deals with issues that are heart-wrenching and very prominent in society today. This story (and the whole series) is edgy and gritty, and yet it is an eye-opener to things that are around us. It’s something many want to just sweep under the rug and not think about, but it needs to be brought to light and stopped.

While reading this book I actually stopped for a bit, and prayed, because my heart was so burdened for those who are held captive by this horrific crime.

Ronie Kendig did a beautifully tender job of portraying the issues surrounding trafficking. You could tell her heart bleeds for those who are caught up in this appalling exploitation.

This story not only shows the pain and guilt a victim can have, but it portrays the strong feelings of those who are trying to stop it.

Throughout this book I wanted to take Kasra and just hold her for all the pain, she has had to endure. A few times, I also wanted to smack Range over the head because he let his past and anger take over. They both were dealing with events from their pasts and struggled to really find worth.

This book had so much in it, action, suspense, drama (lots of drama!), and sweet moments of romantic tension. I loved how the author tenderly dealt with the fears and struggles of someone who doesn’t really know what true love and belonging, look like.

I’ve read many books by Ronie Kendig and knew they would be powerful and impressive. I wasn’t wrong! I can’t wait to read the next book in the series. It’s been fun to get back with the Metcalfe family.

I’ve said this with the first book in this series, and I’ll say it again!

This book gripped me and opened my eyes to issues around the world. Now I don’t want to put my head in the sand but take a stand and pray for all those who are captured in this evil crime. I highly recommend you pick up this book because it will change your life and how you view things!

Go out and get this book AND the whole series!! It will change the way you look at things that are happening around our world AND right in your neighborhood!


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