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Another New Book and End of Series by Ronie Kendig

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

A new book is released today. It's the last book in the Metcalfe series by Ronie Kendig ~ Rapid-Fire Fiction. Here is my review and a couple of graphics. This latest series by Ronie Kendig at times has been a tough one to read, and yet . . . not. This book and the whole series gripped me and opened my eyes to issues around the world. Now I don’t want to put my head in the sand but take a stand and pray for all those who are captured in this evil crime. When we hear of situations in other parts of the world, often we just shake our heads and think, “How sad.” It takes a strong determined individual to actually step out and do something about it. This book is Brooke’s story. She’s the oldest of the Metcalfe siblings, and her relationship with her family has seen better days. Right now, she’s holding a lot of secrets from them all and that’s gotten her into some hot water. From the very first line of this book to the last, I found I needed to remind myself to BREATHE! Wow! Like the other books in this series, I was captured, and yet my heart ached at the intense drama each of these characters went through. I appreciated that there was a disclaimer at the beginning of this book because it really is a book that will touch your heart with so many emotions! This book is so intense and full of deep emotions. It’s not a fluff story because it deals with issues that are heart-wrenching and very prominent in society today. This story (and the whole series) is edgy and gritty, and yet it is an eye-opener to things that are around us. It’s something many want to just sweep under the rug and not think about, but it needs to be brought to light and stopped. While reading this book I actually stopped for a bit, and prayed, because my heart was so burdened for those who are held captive by this horrific crime. When I first heard about this series, I was excited because I’ve read many books by Ronie Kendig and knew it would be powerful and impressive. I wasn’t wrong! The whole series is worth reading. It’s been fun to get back with the Metcalfe family. I will forever be deeply impacted by these books and no longer stand on the sidelines. Thank you, Ronie Kendig, for writing these stories and shedding light on a very real issue! I highly highly recommend you pick up these books to read! Your life will forever be changed!

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