• Marylin Furumasu

Book Review Of A Sweet New Book Coming Out Soon!

Have you ever lived in a town where everyone knows everyone? Where the past never seems to die no matter how long you’ve been gone? Well, this sweet town of Heritage is a town that is just this way. It’s also a town that’s seen better days and is struggling to stay unique, drawing people in for visits or to stay. I love the name of the town because we all have a “heritage” it might be good or it might be bad, but it’s our story. The characters in this newest book based in Heritage all have a past they’re trying to rise above. From the misunderstood wealthy guy to the misunderstood creative woman who’s been hurt one too many times. As well as the wounded woman no one knew was abused, to the wounded music star who was damaged in a scam. All these characters and many more bring this town to life with their stories of finding healing, acceptance, and love. There are also moments of frustration, laughter, longing, and hope. Tari Faris wove sweet life lessons throughout this story, truths like we don’t need to be the ones in control. God’s got it all in His hands and timing. I’ve truly enjoyed her style of writing. This book flows smoothly and is very entertaining. I think that I will continue to read anything she writes. I highly recommend you pick this book up. It might touch your heart just like it did mine.

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