• Marylin Furumasu

"Hope" - Something we all need!

Today I'm writing this blog in honor of a dear author who chose "Hope" as her word for the year. She was an author I considered my friend. Unfortunately for us, God wanted her with Him. She passed from this life into God's arms yesterday. We will all miss her beautiful spirit and wonderful smile. I thank God for allowing me to be a part of her fans and to be blessed by her stories. Today's blog includes my review of one of her books that touched me deeply.

Sometimes life events are so painful and overpowering, that you lose hope. You try everything to numb the pain, all because it hurts too much to face the pain. Throughout this book I kept thinking, would I want to just end my life, or would I reach out to Jesus and draw my strength from Him? Is my faith strong enough to get me through the pain? Oh, the deep emotions I experienced while reading this book! Tyler and Hope’s life together was very relatable and full of young love. Unfortunately, their world came crashing down one day and it took everything for them to find stable ground to stand on. Now, I’ve had babies, yet I’ve never lost one. I can only imagine it must be a very devastating loss to experience. However, I do relate to the overwhelming issues of depression. Our family walked through a time when one of our children felt suicide was the only answer. God had His hand in getting our child the help she needed, and we truly praise Him now as we look back on all He did for us during that time. I want to thank the author, Marion Ueckermann, she has a beautiful way of blending words together. This story was well written and flowed smoothly, so smooth that at the end my heart was tumbling all over the place. I cried throughout the book, it touched my heart so deeply, that I know it will stay with me for a long time. One question brought out in this story is, “Can you trust God with your pain? Can you say, like Job, “though he slay me, yet will I hope in him?” The most important lesson I learned is to find my hope in God and His unending love for me.

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