• Marylin Furumasu

How This All Began!

A few years ago, I found an amazing author to read and immediately got hooked by her writing. I started reading as many of her books as I could. I was captured by her newest book based in Italy and by the entertaining idea of the possibility of time travel. What started out as just reading one book, turned into me becoming part of her Street Team and getting to read the next books in her series before they came out. I was asked to be one of her proofreaders for the last book and I was hooked. This is what I loved to do!

So, in a way, without Lisa T. Bergren and her fantastic River of Times Series, I wouldn't have ever ventured into this wonderful world of literary and all it holds!

If time travel and the beauty of Italy is calling you, then you will love this series! Pick it up and enjoy the adventure! Here are a few of my thoughts regarding these books.

"This is one of my most favorite book series! I love the adventures and the fun of feeling like I'm transported into medieval Italy! Lisa T. Bergren has captured the grandeur of this time from the customs to all the colors and flair surrounding life in a castle. Her heroes will leave you swooning and not wanting to stop reading. You might also wish to be brave like Gabriella so you too can have the adventure of a lifetime! This series is full of action, humor, and a bit of romance!"

" Lisa T. Bergren has done it again! This last book in the River of Times series will take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions! You'll experience romance, suspense, action, deep heart felt grief and lots is love! I also encountered examples of God's eternal, unconditional love, forgiveness and mercy through the lives of these wonderful character's. Thanks Lisa for sharing this story with us!"

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