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It's been FOREVER since I last wrote a blog post! SORRY!

Okay, it's been forever since I last wrote a blog post and I'm so sorry because I've been tremendously busy reading TONS of great books. Too many to share in one post so I'll just highlight a couple of books that have stayed in my brain since reading them. For this month I'll share about two really GREAT young adult fantasy series, written by a couple of friends of mine. Both series have the final books released later this month. The first series is The Lost Stones of Argonia by Dawn Shipman. It will take you on an epic ride with characters you will not believe. Here's a bit of my review: This book was so packed full of events and twists and turns, that you really had to grip your seat until the end. I truly didn’t want to put it down. I was walking around the house with my nose in my book while making meals, doing household stuff, and even getting ready in the morning. I stayed up way too late and got little sleep because I didn’t want to put it down.

I’m truly amazed at the way this author writes and how she draws the reader into the story even when it’s a fantasy and in a magical place filled with magical things and creatures. A good book is one that ignites deep emotions and feelings in you; so much so that when you finish the book you can’t think about anything but the book, and what you experienced.

Dawn Shipman has done just that and done a wonderful job spinning this tale. It will hold you spellbound and wanting more.

The second series is The Tethered World Series by Heather LL FitzGerald. There are three books in the first part of the series and then she decided to write a fourth book that adds so much to the series. I loved reading this young adult fantasy because some of it is set in the Pacific North West and I can picture the places described in the books. Here's a bit of my review of the last book coming out: This story is one that will keep you holding your breath until you need to breathe. I loved diving deep into this tale of fantasy and fairy tales. There are creatures that will make you shake your head in wonder and some that will make you want to reach through the covers of this book to take them out!

Heather LL FitzGerald is a very imaginative and creative author. She brings so many strange, wonderful, and sometimes scary things to life! She also weaves into this story sweet lessons of life that we can all apply to our lives.

Adventure, action, drama, and romance are all wrapped up in a world of fantasy. Existing in a place where Trolls, Yetis, Orges, and Dwarfs are real, as well as other beings too wonderous for us to believe.

Take a chance on diving into this book and you will see things around you differently.

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