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Last Post For This Year!


Wait - I want to say that again!


I’ve waited to get my hands on this book, and it was the perfect book to read at the end of this year! It’s a thrill to have it as the last book I read in 2020.

I’ve said this before in my review for the first book of this series, and I’ll say it again:

“To boldly go where no man had gone before.”

“Long time ago in a galaxy far far away . . .”

These are taglines you think of when you think of spectacularly epic, space stories and movies. These lines will also go through your head as you read this book by Ronie Kendig because this will be a spectacularly epic book series, based in space.

When I said that for my review of Brand of Light the first book in this series, I wasn’t prepared for how true it would be for this whole series! WOW!

Is there a better word than WOW? I’m not sure.

This story has wrapped me up in a world I can only imagine. It takes my mind to places and events that have me in awe and wonder! I can really see this as an epic movie in the future!

From the stunning book cover to the last words on the pages, this book is full of colorful imagery that will capture your interest and not let you go. I was intrigued by all the stunning word choices and pictures Ronie Kendig paints to describe the places and events these characters deal with. I loved Marco, Kersei, and Tigo from the first book, but now my favorite character is Isaura. She has so much spunk and determination. I’m excited to see what her character will develop into the next book.

I love Ronie Kendig's books, they are always full of action, suspense, drama, and romance. This book is no different, however, add to that a bit of exhilarating space travel, out of this world technology, fun parkour stunts, and you have a book that will keep your head in the clouds. I’m still trying to come down to earth after getting to the end of this book.

While reading this book I had so many emotions building up in me. There were a few times of humor and fun, as well as times of deep hurt and pain. Many times, I had to step away from reading it because it got so intense. I didn’t want to read what I knew was coming, yet it compelled me to come back to it. My heart ached and rejoiced for the characters throughout these first two books in the series. There might have also been a couple of times I shouted at them and said, NO, NO, NO! But I couldn’t put it down. It kept me so engaged and now I’m just waiting to go through the battle with them to see how it will all end.

I truly can't wait to read the next book in the series!

If you like epic space stories with larger-than-life characters and spectacular settings beyond what you can imagine then this is the series for you! I HIGHLY recommend you pick it up and start reading now!

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