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New Challenge For A New Year!

This year I decided to follow in the footsteps of several reading friends and take on a new challenge. It’s a challenge to read 23 books in 2023. (That can’t be hard! It’s only 2 books a month!) To get books off my to-be-read pile. (Or in my case, the TBR Planet!) I know a to-be-read #TBR book can be ANY book I’ve gotten in the past (Many moons ago) or just yesterday. I think I’ll focus on the ones that I purchased many moons ago. I might choose a couple of different genres, a “new-to-me” author, and ones that just call my name. This is going to be fun because many times I will look back at these book titles and sigh. Then I whisper, “I’ll get to you someday!” Now’s my chance!! If you’d like to join me and others check out the hashtag #backlist23 on Instagram and take the challenge! I dare you!

Here's my list: 1. Diamond Rings & Deadly Things - Rachelle J Christensen 2. A Season to Dance – Patricia Beal 3. Criss Cross – CC Warrens 4. Let Them Eat Cake – Sandra Byrd 5. Smile for Me – Jan Thompson 6. Brandon – Christy Barritt 7. A Match Made in Heaven – Colleen Coble 8. One More Song to Sing – Lindsay Harrel 9. Copenhagen Cozenage – Kristen Joy Wilks 10. Juliette and the Monday Man Dates – Becky Doughty 11. Marrying Mandy – Melanie D. Snitker 12. Mirror Mirror – Staci Stallings 13. The Alabaster Throne – Wilson Harp 14. Long Way Gone – Charles Martin 15. The Noble Servant – Melanie Dickerson 16. A Match for Magnolia – Marion Ueckermann 17. Royally in Trouble – Jenny B Jones 18. Between Stairs and Stardust – Pepper Basham 19. Hooked – Dayo Benson 20. Rain – Dana McNeely 21. A Stray Drop of Blood – Roseanna M. White 22. The Story Raider – Lindsay A Franklin 23. The Lady and The LionHeart – Joanne Bischof

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