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Newest Book in An Amazing Series

I just finished this newest book by Tamara Leigh.

It is book 5 of her Age of Honor series.

Here is my review -

"First, in between, and in the end, you are a Wulfrith."

Whenever I want to read a beautiful, stunning, very picturesque book, full of rich cultural history, I will pick up a Tamara Leigh book.

I truly love all her books not only because they are so colorful, but they always flow so smoothly and are written with such skill and talent, that I get sucked into the story and am transported back into time. I can picture all that is going on in the story and feel like I’m right there living it along with the characters. Her stories leave me with so much to feel, and think about, it’s hard to put into words.

Tamara Leigh is a skilled storyteller. Each of her books is an invitation to travel back in time to an era we can only imagine. She brings this medieval world to life. From the pageantry of the customs to the action of the fighting, as well as the language of the time, there is nothing left amiss.

This story has an underlying theme of forgiveness, honor, and acceptance. There is romance woven into this book in a gentle, and tender way. However, it wouldn’t be a Tamara Leigh book unless there is also tension, daring travels, and times of breath-stealing moments.

When I first started reading books written by Tamara Leigh I was captivated and amazed at how she writes. As I’ve continued to read her books this feeling has never left me. This author knows how to write books that will stay with you long after you’ve closed the pages and put the book down.

I highly recommend this and ALL of Tamara Leigh’s books. Her storytelling will captivate you so much, you will not want to miss one of her books!

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