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Reading, Reading, Reading!

I've been so busy reading that I've forgotten to post any of my reviews lately! So sorry! I'll share my Goodreads link and you can read my reviews, but there are a few I want to mention because they were epic!! First off, is the final book in the Droseran Saga series by Ronie Kendig - War of Torment WOW! This book tied up all the many parts and made readers' minds go into outer space. It left us with so many earth-shattering moments! Another FANTASTIC book by a FANTASTIC author!

Next, is the final book for the Water of Time series by Jody Hedlund - Wait for Me. This was a time-slip story and as a reader, we were taken on a ride through time like you would never believe. This author brought the question to life of whether or not time travel could be possible. Amazing!

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