• Marylin Furumasu

Sweet Story of Acceptance

Solid, dependable, serious, stable, single dad, great veterinarian and community member – This is what others thought of when they thought of Davis. He did too. Yet, there were times he felt like his world was starting to unravel. You see, he had a pre-teen son and life just started to become crazy. What was he doing wrong, how could he get their life back to normal? All this changed when their world collided with Callie coming to town. Artsy, free-spirit, dreamer, wild-haired Irish gypsy – Those were the names people thought of when they thought of Callie. She did too. She believed she was a drifter, just like her father. Someone who “wasn’t created to be boxed in or limited by anyone or anything.” "A Fire Dancer.” Her life started to change when she met Davis and his son. There’s a quote in this book which went deep into my soul, “If our decisions are based on false beliefs, then we’ll never experience the life we’re meant to live – the life God has in store for us.” Wow! Nicole Deese has written a sweet story of acceptance, forgiveness, loss and love. There is drama, humor, colorful and whimsical word pictures. Ms. Deese truly has a wonderful way with words. I highly recommend you pick this book up, and read it. It just might change your way of looking at thing.

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