• Marylin Furumasu

Tamara Leigh has done it again!

Each of the books in this series by Tamara Leigh is packed full of pageantry, colorful imagery, lots of action, drama, and romance which will leave you wanting more!

Nameless is the third book in this series and well worth waiting for! In this tale, we learn more about Dougray D’Argent the son who doesn’t have the silver hair, and Em, an escaped slave-turned-rebel. Will these two find the peace they strive for or will their past and their enemies keep them always feeling worthless?

Tamara Leigh is such a skilled writer. I am so totally amazed at how she weaves each of her stories, so we feel we are right there with the characters and in the era of these tales. Her detail to the history and customs of this era is remarkable. She brings the medieval world, to life. From the pageantry of the customs to the action of the fighting, as well as the language of the time, there is nothing left amiss.

I’m also extremely impressed with Tamar Leigh and all she packs into her stories. I truly felt I was getting a beautiful history lesson without it being boring.

I’ve said this before, but it needs to mention again. Just like in the other stories Tamara Leigh has written, I have been spell-bound from the first page! Her stories have larger than life heroes and heroines, whom you will come to love and cherish. These characters may at first seem flawed, but through their struggles and the trials they have, they develop into persons of honor and integrity.

I am fascinated with learning more about this family of heroes, and with the way Tamara Leigh writes, we come to know them each with all their struggles and victories. I highly recommend this and ALL of Tamara Leigh’s books. Her storytelling will captivate you so much, you will not want to miss one of her books! I’m waiting on pins and needles for the next in this new series to come out.

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