• Marylin Furumasu

This months review!

It's fitting to end the year with a book I read a while back. It's title is also fitting because it helps being in the New Year!

The Awakening By Tamara Leigh

You might ask me why I read Tamara Leigh’s books and I would tell you, they are books full of flair and colorful word pictures. I’ve said this before, yet it still holds true, each of her books is an invitation to travel back in time to an era we can only imagine. An era where the king and queen determine whom you can marry, where you can go, and what your life status will be. This story is full of family drama, intrigue, love lost, and found. It’s packed full of emotions which will draw you in as a reader and won’t let you go even after you’ve finished the book. It’s a story which in the end shows what true forgiveness looks like and how healing can be found. This journey captures the lives of Lord Lothaire Soames and Lady Laura Middleton. They have struggles which are overwhelming it seems, but through time they learn things might not be as they appear. Tamara Leigh writes in such a way we deeply feel all their struggles and emotions. This book is another one in the Age of Faith Series and is a wonderful addition to these stories. It even brings in a few of the past characters from previous books. I can’t wait to continue to read more of these wonderful stories. I highly recommend picking this book up and reading it. Actually, READ THE WHOLE SERIES you won’t be disappointed!

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