• Marylin Furumasu

Touching and Powerful Story!

“'It’s easy to feel so overwhelmed by our own life circumstances that the idea of changing the world seems downright impossible . . . sometimes all that it takes is one person being willing to step out in love for the betterment of another to change the trajectory of an entire life.' All that it takes is one.”

These are powerful words from a powerful, touching story. A story of finding one’s place in life, overcoming obstacles, valuing life, and following God’s direction.

I loved this story for how real and raw it was. It touched my heart in a deep way. How one person can truly make a difference in another person’s life just by sitting alongside and listening to their story. WOW!

Nicole Deese has put so much of her heart into this book. We feel the pain and struggles of each of the characters. We also feel the joy they receive. What an amazingly written tale that reflects true events in our society even to this day. The whole community of women who are hurting and needing love is a very real thing. This is a wonderful example of how a community/church can reach these individuals.

It’s a story that will tug at your heart, showing the blessings God can give.

I highly recommend you pick this book up and read it. It just might change your way of looking at things.

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