• Marylin Furumasu

Wonderful, Sweet, Endearing Story!

Have you ever had the feeling or passion to do something so beyond your comfort zone, even when others around you are questioning why you’re doing it?

This is what Lauren was striving to do and yet, things didn’t seem to go as she planned.

I loved this story because I related to the characters in this book. I work in a school, and so many of the images in this book left me feeling connected. I totally understood the desire to teach and the love of reading that the main characters had. There was also, drama from family dynamics, and times of sadness, which will touch your heart. As well as, some cute quirky dialog through texts, and sweet romance, which will leave you with warm fuzzies.

The one thing I don’t have personal experience with is adoption. In this book, the main character has a strong desire to adopt a child from China. The book covers all the many regulations and paperwork which can feel overwhelming. In addition, the long waiting period for things to happen. I have watched family members and a few friends go through this process which seemed to take a long time. However, I know that each of these families would tell you how precious the time was and how blessed they are now to have that child in their lives.

The author, Nicole Deese, has put so much of her heart in this book. I knew about this book before it came out and was really looking forward to reading it.

I highly recommend you pick this book up and read it. It just might change your way of looking at things.

I was given this book by the publisher which did not influence my review in any way, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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